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De-watering Pumps

They are designed and manufactured by our expert team of designers who had very long experience innovative designs. They are available in standard sizes from 4" (ll0mm) through 10" (250mm) suction. We are capable of designing special purpose pumps for special dewatering needs All Pumps are driven with either diesel engine or electric motor drive, and placed on either skid mounting or wheeled trailer chassis as per order. Arihant Well Point Systems are equipped with high capacity vacuum system in the range of 65 to 75 SCFM. The total system is designed to 1 to 10 causes discharge.
Standard Features of Pumping Systems
  • Air and water separation tanks made of steel containing automatic feeler valve mechanisms.
  • Special fuel filtration systems for DG Sets for removing dirt commonly prevailing at site conditions.
  • Heavy duty flexible couplings for reliable service.
  • Automatic flapper discharge valve.
  • Total assembly is designed with a focus on facilitating modular type replacement of components/equipments, to ensure zero down time.
  • Lifting bales are provided wherever necessary.
Butterfly Valve
This is designed to shutt off part of the system or to control the suction in the system at desired levels.
Rotery Vaccum Pumps Models
Arihant 1 : This is also one of critical equipments.
Robust Design
The body is made of specialized cast iron and rotor is dynamically balanced and the fitted with heavy duty bearings fed with continious lubrication for trouble free runnig.
Full care is taken to keep the total system well with in permissible ambience by properly designing the functional critical components with an ultimate aim of avoiding the overheating.
This facilitates visible inspection of oil flow to all the bearings and interior of the pump to eliminate oil starvation at the ends of the cylinder.
It is designed to maintain positive contact of the vanes with the cylinder for proper balanced seal which automatically compensates for the wear and thus provides longer trouble free service.
Specifications and Advantages
  • High efficiency air/water separation tank of welded steel with automatic peeler valve assembly.
  • Flexible coupling between prime mover and pump.
  • Standardized design of pump and accessories for inter changeability and easy maintenance.
  • Automatic flapper discharge valve.
  • Vacuum pumps driven by common prime mover through belt drive arrangements.
  • Designed and manufactured by Wellpoint Systems Dewatering Pumps, are available in standard sizes from 4" (110 mm through 10" (250mm) suction.
  • Custom built pumps in other sizes are also available on special order.
  • All sizes are available with either diesel engine or electric motor drive, and on either skid mounting or wheeled trailer chasis as required.
  • Each vacuum pump is capable of displacing 125 CFM free air.
  • Complete Wellpoint Systems' dewatering pumps are designed to give discharges ranging from 30 LPS to 300 LPS.